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Volvo screed VDT-V 88 ETC

VDT-V 88 ETC screed

The VDT-V88 screed is part of the Volvo variomatic screed range. Featuring unique double tamper, Volvo screeds boast the highest compaction density levels behind the screed thanks to their unique double tamper technology. The highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, help to ensure the screed delivers outstanding durability, while the intuitive screed control unit enhances ease of operation.

P7820D ABG

Sales code Paving width Attachment type
SF12829365 3 - 6 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829366 3 - 7.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829367 3 - 8.5 m Screed Variomatic
SF12829368 3 - 9 m Screed Variomatic
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