The operator’s choice

Operate in comfort from the best cab on the market, and customize it with the new adjustable seat. Access the cab safely and effortlessly using the steps and open the door with ease thanks to the optional remote-control opener.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Built with the operator in mind

Built with the customer, for the customer, the L180H High-Lift boasts a range of features to enhance your operating experience, including Comfort Drive Control. For increased productivity, the Volvo cab can be customized to your preference.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4


To enhance visibility, the High-Lift has new rear view mirrors and is equipped with a rear-view camera. Optimized by the optional radar detect system, which works with the camera to give a visual and audible alert to the operator of unseen on-coming objects. Orange handrails and steps have been placed on the machine, intended to stand out to the operators and maintenance staff.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Comfortably productive

Ensure precise control of the hydraulics from the specially designed lever, with multiple functions. For greater controllability and improved cycle times, Comfort Drive Control gives you the opportunity to steer the machine from a small lever.

Volvo loader L180HHL T2 T3 T4

Operator training

Increase productivity and reduce fuel consumption by learning how to operate your wheel loader in the most efficient way. Volvo offers operator training, which encompasses the best practices in the industry.

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