Do more with less fuel

Reduce your number one operating cost with the proven technology built into the D-Series rigid dumpers. The electronic integration between the engine and transmission achieve premium drivetrain performance, resulting in smooth gearshift quality and consistent machine momentum. To reduce power losses on the powertrain, the load sensing hydraulics supply hydraulic flow when required.

Volvo Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

Drive your costs down

Get the most out of your long-term investment with a low-cost solution. At Volvo, we’re committed to driving your operating costs down. That’s why we’ve designed our rigid dumpers to reduce fuel consumption and optimize machine availability. Drive your operating costs down with the D-Series rigid dumpers, your partner for all mining and quarrying applications.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

Designed for distance

Achieve unbeatable long-term value with uptime-enhancing components, such as the transmission retarder. The standard feature reduces the machine’s speed, eliminating any unnecessary use of the service brakes. As a result, the life of the primary braking system is extended, enhancing overall machine availability.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

The right weight

Go the extra mile with the rigid dumpers, featuring a centrally mounted transmission for optimum machine weight distribution. And with a low center of gravity, the well-balanced machines equally disperse all load impacts and structural stresses across the tires. The outcome is superb machine longevity and significantly reduced operating costs. Leave it to Volvo to find the right balance.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

Key to a low cost operation

Drive your operating costs down with component longevity. To ensure your machine maintains lasting performance, all components undergo rigorous testing under extreme working conditions. Do more in the long haul with proven components from Volvo, durably designed to withstand the test of time.

Rigid hauler R45D R60D R70D

Selectable shift patterns

Keep performance high and costs low with the integrated shift patterns. Choose the best mode for the task at hand by selecting from Power or Economy. Adapting to varying loads and jobsite conditions, the selectable shift pattern system delivers smooth, consistent gearshifts and low fuel consumption.

Volvo rigid haulers
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