Volvo cab

Spacious cab with new Volvo styling features slim cab pillars and large expanses of glass for superior visibility. Ergonomic controls increase comfort and productivity.

Volvo EC170D crawler excavator: operate in comfort

A happy operator equals a productive working day, and the EC170D is designed to ensure just that. With a cab environment centered around operator productivity, the Volvo crawler excavator features enhanced visibility and ergonomically positioned controls for simple machine operation. With an advanced air circulation system as standard, your operator will be comfortable and in control. The low-noise cab features 14 well-spaced vents, ample leg room and adjustable seat, keeping the operator fresh, alert and focused.

volvo excavator ec170d t3

Comfort increases productivity

It’s a fact that when operators are comfortable they work more efficiently. By putting the operator at the center of the cab design process, Volvo has created an environment optimized for productivity. With superior visibility, ergonomic controls and an I-ECU monitor for simple machine operation, operators will experience a comfortable and productive work shift in the EC170D.

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