Volvo Powertrain

Volvo Powertrain offers unrivalled durability and performance for increased uptime, as well as longer component and engine life for high fuel efficiency.

Pave the way in fuel efficiency

Volvo champions intelligent technology that reduces fuel consumption and enhances your machine’s efficiency while reducing noise. A number of features work together to lower operating costs thereby increasing profits.

Volvo Tier 3 engine

Volvo’s Tier 3 engines are powerful and efficient, designed to reduce fuel consumption and increase your productivity. With advanced technology, save your business time and cost.

Eco Mode & fuel monitoring

The new Volvo electronic intelligent system features the default Eco Mode to match engine output during paving, which will extend engine and component life. Eco Mode reduces fuel usage up to 30% for more effective paver. The EPM 3 monitors average fuel consumption, shows daily fuel usage as well as remaining fuel run time.

Improved high efficiency hydraulic system

The paver hydraulic system is perfectly matched to the Volvo engine to provide high performance, low fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels. Controlling your RPMs in an intelligent way results in a highly efficient machine but yet maintaining plenty of reserve power to handle the toughest application with ease. The hydraulic system generates the same powerful performance while using less fuel.

Hydraulic cooling fan

The hydraulically driven, electronically controlled cooling fan regulates its speed as necessary resulting in lower fuel consumption and sound levels.

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