Screed efficiency

The Volvo ABG designed screed heats up evenly and quickly up to three degrees every minute. This provides improved fuel efficiency and faster start up times.

Industry leading screeds

Volvo screeds are designed to give you the best pavement quality, uniformity and smoothness. Versatile and effective in paving widths up to 16 meters, these industry-leading screeds can handle a wide range of materials. Thanks to achieving a maximum degree of pre-compaction rolling work is significantly reduced.

Screed control unit and levelling control

Two screed mounted control units provide operators with easy access to the screed and adjustment settings. The Screed Control Unit (SCU) allows the operator to easily control the functions of the screed and material flow. The newly designed SCU is flexible and can be rotated in any direction, moved up and down for easier operator use.

Unique quick coupling

Extensions are added or removed in minutes, with no special tools required, thanks to Volvo’s quick coupling system. It takes less time to set up, saving time and money. The system enables the paving crew to quickly attach or remove extensions to meet various jobsite requirements.

Tamper bar

The screed tamper bars can be electrically heated for better performance and a smooth finish. The fully hardened tamper bar significantly extends the life time of the component. Tamper bars are easily replaced, which saves money and increases uptime while maintaining pre-compaction efficiency.

Four guide tubes

Volvo screeds have four guide tubes for each hydraulic extension. The rigid tubes work together to prevent the screed extensions from twisting when high forces are exerted on them. This produces a consistent, uniformly compacted smooth surface.

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