Electronic Paver Management 3

The new highly advanced, third generation Electronic Paver Management (EPM 3) control system provides the operator with total paver control.

Control with ease

A highly advanced, electronic paver management system optimises the paver for your specific application and increases overall machine control so you can focus on the job. Its ergonomic design increases operator comfort and safety when moving around the machine.

Operator platform & visibility

The operator has full, unhampered visibility around the paver, hopper, auger channel and screed, for a clearer view, increasing performance and paving quality. The comfortable control area reduces operator fatigue for longer and more focused operation. The level platform reduces the risk of tripping and the anti-skid deck plating and hand rails provide stability when walking around the machine.

Settings Manager

The settings manager feature allows you to store and save customised settings for individual projects, achieving consistent quality from job-to-job. When encountering similar paving projects, the operator can recall saved parameters within the EPM 3, simplifying the initial machine set-up to quickly begin paving. Once paving is underway fine tuning can be made to optimize performance and productivity.

Work lights

Six standard work lights aid operation in low-light conditions. Two lights shine forward, two illuminate the area behind the machine and two additional side lights are fitted to increase visibility and performance. Light setup can be increased by using either up to 10 LED lights or balloon lights options.

Sound protection

Volvo pavers are designed to perform on a remarkable low noise level. Paver noise level lowers even further when the default Eco Mode is in operation. This is especially useful in busy city environments or residential areas where noise constraints are in place.

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