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Pins and bushings. They’re not the first things that catch your eye but they play a crucial part in how your machine functions, allowing it to perform its full range of movements with precision. Volvo pins and bushings have been created to perfectly link everything together and ensure that your machine operates with optimal strength. We undertake years of research and testing to produce the parts that make your Volvo deliver the highest productivity and profitability, over and over again.

For excellent machine performance

Volvo genuine pins and bushings are made from carefully selected steel alloys, the cores are deep heat treated, resulting in exceptional strength and wear resistance. Precision machining ensures pins and bushings seamlessly match up with individual links.

Although a relatively simple component, pins and bushings play a crucial part in how your machine functions. They allow machines to perform their full range of movements – enabling accurate digging, grading, loading, placement and steering – so it is important to choose the right quality and the right match for your machine. 

High levels of quality and reliability

Choosing cheaper quality components can run the risk of component failure and harm to your machine. With Volvo genuine pins and bushings you can be sure of the same high levels of quality and reliability you expect from your new Volvo machine.

Volvo can offer a wide range of pins and bushings designed for Volvo Excavator and Compact Excavator. All components are designed to work in any application and they are always delivered with a standard parts warranty.

Why choose volvo pins and bushings? 
  • They are manufactured in high Alloy Steel which means they can withstand high strength and toughness
  • Accurate design of tolerances and dimensions facilitates maintenance - easy to remove and replace
  • In terms of resistance to corrosion, the parts have been tested as per global standards. The tests confirm high abrasion resistant properties.
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