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Hoses. So much more than just a bit of plastic. When your machine’s full performance depends on hydraulics, it’s not worth the risk to skimp on quality. The high standard of Volvo hoses produced in rubber and steel, goes far beyond the official product requirements and therefore gives you reliability and performance in the long run. We undertake years of research and testing to produce the parts that make your Volvo deliver the highest productivity and profitability, over and over again

Subjected to comprehensive tests

Volvo hoses are subjected to longer, more comprehensive and realistic tests than required by other standards. To secure long term leak-free performance almost all hoses are skived. The result? Hoses to not only doing the job but also contribute to maximum uptime and availability in hash operating condition while helping to reduce service and maintenance cost.

Don't take the risk! By using Volvo hoses you know that your hose is made from genuine parts engineered for Volvo machines and Volvo hydraulic systems.

Every part of the hydraulic system is engineered to perform together. The hydraulic hoses are therefore engineered and tested to work in combination with all other components in the hydraulic system. When calibrating the hydraulic hose for the various functions, the following properties are taken into account

  • Bend radius
  • Flexing capacities
  • Working pressure and pressure peaks
  • Flow and speed
  • Vibrations
  • Temperatures 
  • Environment
  • Wear 
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