Volvo’s PT220 Pneumatic Tyre Roller puts the final touches to a perfectly smooth mat

Designed for a variety of compaction applications, Volvo’s PT220 pneumatic tyre roller features a fuel-efficient and powerful Volvo diesel engine, increased performance characteristics and enhanced safety features.

volvo asphalt compactor pt220 t3

Volvo Construction Equipment has announced the introduction of its PT220 pneumatic tyre roller to customers in Middle East and Africa. 
This machine features a Volvo’s D5 Tier 3 compliant turbo-charged diesel engine, which is not only more powerful and fuel efficient, but also considerably quieter in operation. This machine is incorporated with safety features, such as Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) sunshade, reversing alarm and automatic engine shutdown.

The PT220 compacts using the forces of mass and manipulation; it can be adapted to a variety of applications by adding or removing ballast or by adjusting tire inflation pressure. The positioning of the tires, four each on front and rear, helps to ensure uniform surface coverage while rolling. The tires’ kneading action against the material surface provides excellent compaction. An isostatic suspension for the front tires helps to keep the roller stable on irregular surfaces as well as maintaining uniform tire contract pressure.

Other highlights of the PT220 include dual seats with a sliding console to give the operator the most convenient work position and the best view of the work area. In addition to equal forward and reverse speeds, the hydrostatic drive also features a high speed travel mode that allows operators to get to the worksite without delay. For increased compaction versatility, the maximum weight of the machine can be increased using a number of ballast options, including water.

Power: under complete control

At the heart of the PT220 is an advanced turbocharged four cylinder Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine, whose 99 kW (135 hp) output provides strong performance with plenty of power in reserve - and yet is fuel efficient and exceeds the requirements of exhaust emission legislation across the machine’s intended market. Propulsion comes in the form of a closed loop hydrostatic parallel circuit, which is fitted with two heavy duty radial piston motors. Travel speeds range from 0 to 15 km/h. Forward to reverse directional changes are smooth, using a simple control lever to reduce operator fatigue. To maximize effort and minimize service requirements, the transmission delivers power directly to the rear wheel motors.

Operation convenience and safety

Safety of the operator and convenience are taken care with attention to detail. The operator platform and the ergonomic layout of controls contribute to a low fatigue workplace environment. The operator is protected by a Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS) with integrated sunshade, and can opt for either of the dual seats and use the sliding console, allowing both good comfort and sight line visibility when working. Water flow control from the rust-proof water storage tank is extremely consistent, thanks to the PT220’s pressurized water system. The operator can precisely adjust water flow to the tyres, to prevent asphalt material pick-up by the tyres. Water usage is also minimized, extending the periods between refills. For improved safety, thanks to an operator-presence switch incorporated into each seat, the PT220 will also shut down its engine and apply the brakes if the operator removes himself from the seat.

Easy maintenance

The engine and hydraulic components are easily accessible, thanks to a swing- up engine hood and access step. Daily checks on engine, battery, radiator, filters etc. can be reached from ground level, helping ensure that maintenance is properly conducted. A lockable vandal cover protects the operator console, while lockable engine hood, fuel cap, water fill cap and deck access doors help deter theft and vandalism. Water nozzles and screens can be quickly removed, cleaned or replaced. The water spray system is rust proof, with rubber distribution lines and brass spray nozzles.

As with all Volvo products, the PT220 is backed up with a supportive and competent dealer network. Supplying genuine parts, highly trained experts can provide a range of solutions to keep Volvo customers’ machines productively working and earning. The PT220 produces an unrivalled quality when it comes to finished mat quality – all in all, providing the perfect end to a perfect job.

Model Operating Weight w/ ROPS Engine Output Rolling width Number of tyres
kg kW (hp)
mm front/rear
PT220 10,600 – 24,000 99 (135) 1 980 mm 4/4
16,000 – 24,000

October 2020


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