Volvo OEM Solutions partner with Volvo and discover a world of opportunity

Have it your way

Partner with Volvo and discover a world of opportunity when you customize our established technology.

As well as providing you with premium partial machines, Volvo also offers the chance to access the global Volvo dealer network.

Make use of Volvo technology and offer your customers reliable solutions. Get more with Volvo.


Volvo OEM Solutions Off-road
Heavy-duty frames for off-road operations ensure maximum durability.

Performance is enhanced with large, wide tires guaranteeing low ground pressure. 

Designed differential locks with 100% locking capability and a no-slip.

Built to last

Volvo OEM Solutions Built to last
Volvo’s durable crawler undercarriage is built for tough work, building on a Volvo undercarriage allows your machine to get to work where it’s needed, whatever the terrain and conditions.

Volvo offers you access

Volvo OEM Solutions Volvo offers you access
Finding trained experts across the globe isn’t easy.

Building a relationship with a Volvo dealer could allow you to increase revenue stream.

Reach out to your customers,  wherever they are in the world.

Your product

Volvo OEM Solutions your product
Incorporating premium Volvo technology in your machine will give you a competitive edge.

Here, Volvo’s proven articulated hauler front unit has been integrated to develop an advanced snow blower that is used to clear heavy snowfall and prevent airports from closing.

OEM team will provide you with first class, personalized support to meet the unique demands of your business.

Watch Volvo blowers video clearing snow in Arlanda airport - Sweden