Volvo OEM Solutions Incorporating the best into your machine

Our heritage

The Volvo core values - quality, safety and environmental care - form part of our DNA and are fundamental to our operations, as well as being embedded into our products and services.

‘The Volvo Way’ - a culture of trust, respect and co-operation - allows us to work in a unique and flexible manner to build long-term partnerships and offer our customers a competitive edge.

Substantial engineering heritage

Volvo OEM Solutions  Collaboration flexibility and partnership are at the center of how Volvo OEM team operates
We offer OEM customers products and services that are designed to raise productivity.

We focus on your needs and expectations and work with you to create your ideal solution.

Customer satisfaction is our guiding principle.

Incorporating the best 

Volvo OEM Solutions Endless Possibilities Volvo offers OEMs the opportunity to focus on their core competency
We produce construction equipment with world leading quality, minimal impact on the environment and first class safety.

Working with us you will benefit from the experience from the whole of the Volvo Group and our long history of innovation.

Partnering with Volvo will allow you to build reliability into your product.

OEM team will provide you with first class, personalized support to meet the unique demands of your business.

Volvo Construction Equipment is proud to be different.