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Superior OEM Solutions from Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment offers a tailored solution to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) wanting partial machines for integration into their product development and launch processes.

We offer a wide range of high quality elements you can build upon and customize to meet your specific needs.
Trust Volvo to create a solution that matches your business needs and get in touch with the experienced OEM team today.

Below are a few examples of what you can achieve with Volvo:

  •  Operator environment
  •  Power
  •  Hydraulics
  •  Ideal platforms
  •  Serviceability
  •  Perfectly matched components
  •  Ultimate stability
  •  Maneuverability
  •  Safety and productivity
OEM team will provide you with first class, personalized support to meet the unique demands of your business.

Find out how the Volvo OEM Solutions can help you  to develop with you smart solutions in a wide range of applications :