WWF Climate Savers

“At Volvo Construction Equipment, environmental care is one of our core values, and it is much more than just a corporate statement: it’s something that we are taking very seriously and working hard to integrate into everything that we do. That’s why we’re delighted to join the Volvo Group in collaborating with an established environmental organization such as the World Wide Fund for Nature. The WWF’s Climate Savers program is a challenging initiative that will help us to further reduce our CO2 emissions, increase our products’ fuel efficiency and demonstrate that we’re truly committed to environmental sustainability.” 


Pat Olney

President, Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) is the latest member of the Volvo Group to partner with the World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) Climate Savers program. An initiative that requires participating corporations to commit to cutting CO2 emissions in their operations.  As part of the agreement, SDLG, Volvo CE’s other brand and joint-venture partner in China, has become the first Chinese company to commit to the program.

The Volvo Group has been a member of the Climate Savers initiative since 2010 — and was the first heavy-duty truck manufacturer to sign on to the agreement. At that time, the company agreed that all trucks manufactured and sold between 2009 and 2014 would see a reduction in CO2 emissions of 13 million tons. With Volvo CE, SDLG and Volvo Buses now on board, the Volvo Group aims to reduce the total lifetime amount of CO2 emitted by the vehicles it produces before 2014 by more than 30 million tons, compared with those manufactured in 2008. Volvo Group production plants will also decrease their CO2 emissions by 12% before 2014, compared to 2008 levels.


Down with CO2!
Volvo CE, as with all members of the Volvo Group, is dedicated to reducing carbon-dioxide emissions from its products and factories, as well as developing new technology to enhance fuel efficiency and creating alternate fuel solutions. As part of the Climate Savers progam, Volvo CE will develop new prototypes with enhanced fuel performance.

Our Commitment

By 2014, Volvo CE, along with SDLG, Volvo Buses and Volvo Group commit to reduce CO2 emissions from production plants by 12% from 2008 levels, which amounts to 0.2 megatonnes (Mt) of CO2. This will primarily be achieved through energy efficiency improvements. In line with Climate Savers rules, no carbon offsets will be used to achieve this objective.


Volvo CE, with the inclusion of Volvo Group, SDLG and Volvo Buses commit to reduce total lifetime CO2 emissions from vehicles sold between 2009 and 2014 by more than 30 Mt compared to 2008 models, via improved fuel efficiency.


Volvo CE will investigate advanced drivetrain technologies and internally present a prototype with considerably improved fuel efficiency by 2014.