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Customizable Excavator Based Machines

Volvo excavator based partial machines can form a platform for converting the machine into a special purpose vehicle designed for your specific needs across wide range of applications:

• Drilling
• Pile driving and pulling,
• Foundation
• Railroad
• Shipping
• Material handling
• Amphibious
• Forestry
• And many more…. 

Solutions for all applications

 Volvo excavator Based Solutions special purpose vehicle designed for your specific needs
Solutions for all your applications start with your local Volvo dealer who,  with a qualified engineering partner provide proven application and solution expertise, to meet your custom needs.

Download brochures for Excavator based solutions

Volvo excavator Based Solutions Product Brochure

Download the excavator based solutions brochure, including specifications. Brochure Coming Soon!

Whether you buy new or used, rent  or lease, Based Solutions are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo excavator based solutions can improve your efficiency:
Product  Range Type Operating Weight
Crawler Excavators Short radius 14.4 t to 27.6 t
Small 12.8 t to 19.2 t
Large 20.9 t to 71.7 t
Wheeled Excavators Small 14.4 t to 22.8 t
Large 19.9 t to 25.6 t