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Blaw Knox Wheeled Pavers

Blaw Knox Wheeled Asphalt Pavers

Volvo Blaw Knox wheeled asphalt pavers are packed with high performance features and plenty of options, all to reduce maintenance time, lower cost and boost productivity.

The new highway-class asphalt pavers takes you to the next level of asphalt paving, with independent auger and conveyor systems, automatic conveyor tensioning and a patented front-wheel suspension.

Volvo wheeled asphalt paving equipment achieve perfect placement of bituminous base, binder, and surface course mixes, cement, concrete or lime-stabilized sub-base, and graded aggregate.
Model Maximum Paving Width Paving Speed Propulsion
PF2181 21.0 ft (6,4 m) 260 ft/min (79,2 m/min) Wheeled
P7170 26 ft (7,92 m) 297 ft/min (90,5 m/min)  Wheeled