MW500 : Introduction - G.W. Van Keppel
MW500 Milling Introduction

The New MW500: A Change For The Better

At Volvo Construction Equipment, we don't believe in change for change's sake. We do believe in innovation. Our new MW500 milling machine is just that - innovative.

Compact and easy to maneuver, it's a four-wheel, rear-loading, utility-class machine that's ideally suited to smaller jobs such as patching, joints, trenching and close cutting around street and roadway obstructions.

It offers a standard cutting width of 500mm (19.7ins) and maximum cutting depth of 210mm (8.3ins). The machine's extremely tight cutting radius of 200mm (7.9ins) is comparable to many three-wheel units on the market.

There are other advantages, too. The all-wheel-drive gives you optimal traction, while the Anti-Slip Control (ASC) comes as standard.

And Volvo's patent-pending Line Manager System works in conjunction with the ASC, to allow the operator to maintain a constant speed of operation and direction of travel without being affected by the rotation of the milling drum.

Oh, and the MW500 also offers an adjustable steering wheel column, as well as another industry first - the intuitive control panel to make the machine even easier to operate, with automatic precision depth control and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

We asked you for your opinion and listened to what you had to say. Then we built the MW500, with tried and tested, state-of-the art technology to Volvo standards.

Why not give the MW500 a try and make a change for the better?