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Fuel efficiency

"In today's market, a big thing is the fuel economy of Volvo [Construction Equipment]. They're very fuel-efficient. I pay the bills and I'm very conscious of what everything costs me, and they're the pick of the litter."

"The fuel consumption is 25% less than that of the other machines.  When I tell you I go through 5000 gallons (19,000 l) of fuel a week, you can see that's a lot of money right there." - George Coyne Jr.

Volvo construction equipment is the most fuel efficient, most productive equipment you can put on the job.  In fact in a recent article for Construction Equipment Guide and Volvo Spirit magazine, George Coyne Jr. of Armored Inc. in New Jersey was quoted as making the statements above.

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Checkout the difference for yourself! 

Low emissions, low noise and low fuel consumption is what the new Volvo V-ACT engines are all about.  The new Volvo V-ACT engines produce power and torque when and where it is needed and smooth control responses for the operator and meets Tier 3 emission requirements.

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The new generation, state-of-the-art Volvo B Series Excavator is the most fuel-efficient, most productive excavator in the business.  Volvo excavators feature optimized hydraulics and perfectly matched Volvo engines.  The high-quality, main control valve has priority function that prioritizes oil flow to where it is needed most: boom, arm or swing.  Volvo's boom and arm priority functions - within the hydraulic system - are activated automatically, resulting in faster cycle times and better fuel efficiency.

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Big Fuel Savings
Competitive advantage is everything.  In this case study, Volvo Excavators were found to provide a reduction in overall fuel consumption that averaged more than 20 percent.  Three major competitors of Volvo are compared "These numbers are real and the fuel savings are substantial. I challenge you to check it out for yourself, and I'm confident you'll be as amazed and pleased as these customers are." - Tim Frank, Volvo Excavators
Vice President.

Case Study: Big Fuel Savings

Volvo backhoe loaders feature a closed-center, load-sensing, flow-sharing hydraulic system and a variable-displacement axial-piston pump (except BL60).  When compared to the open-center hydraulic system with gear pump that is found on many of our competitors, Volvo backhoe loaders are very efficient.  The flow adjusts to the working conditions, reducing fuel consumption, noise and heat.

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Volvo compact excavators automatically return to idle when the machine functions are not being used.  When compared to excavators that do not have this feature, Volvo compact excavators are more fuel efficient and less noisy on the job site.  The Volvo compact excavators also feature a closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system.  The flow adjusts to the working conditions, thus reducing fuel consumption, noise and heat.

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Volvo compact wheel loaders feature a low emission engine, hydrostatic drive, and load sensing hydraulics, all of which improve productivity and lower fuel consumption.  

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Volvo wheel loaders are the most fuel efficient and most productive loaders you can put on the job.  Our wheel loaders feature a load-sensing hydraulic and steering system to deliver power when and where it's needed to improve fuel efficiency and productivity.  Volvo wheel loaders also include an Auto Powershift Transmission feature which customizes the shifting pattern to provide better fuel consumption.

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Volvo articulated haulers will cut your fuel costs, generate faster cycle times, and give you the lowest cost-per-ton operation in the business.  Every component, from the hydraulics to the drivetrain, including the cooling system, is designed and engineered to maximize power and durability while minimizing fuel consumption.

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