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Excavator Attachments

Volvo Excavators: Attachments For Any Job

Excavators handle more tasks than ever before and different jobs require diverse attachments. 

Volvo offers a wide range of attachments and quick couplers which brings you unmatched flexibility and versatility, making it easy for you to increase job opportunities and to get the job done with short cycle times and increased productivity.

Displayed attachments are available for several generations of Volvo excavators  and  may not be available on all markets. Consult your dealer for specific availability.

The Volvo excavators attachments offer include:

Direct fit

Volvo Excavator Attachment, direct fit

Direct fit to the boom, maximises productivity for the application and gives the shortest tip radius.
EC140–EC700 /  EW140–EW230

Quick Coupler S6

Volvo Excavator Attachment, quick coupler s6

Use it in both face shovel and back hoe position and together with tiltrotators. For high performance with a very tight fit to the attachment.
EC140-EC180 / EW140-EW160 

Quick Coupler S1, S2, S3

Volvo Excavator Attachment, quick coupler s1, s2, s3

For high performance and the ability to easily switch attachments. Low build height, light weight design and a very tight fit to the attachment.
EC220-EC480 / EW180-EW230

Universal quick coupler

Volvo Excavator Attachment, universal quick coupler

Automatically picks up a wide variety of attachments in both regular and face mode.
EC140-EC480 / EW140-EW230

General purpose  bucket

Volvo Excavator Attachment, general purpose bucket

Suitable for digging in materials like soils and clays with a low to medium percentage of rock.
EC140–EC700 / EW140–EW230

Heavy duty bucket

Volvo Excavator Attachment, heavy duty bucket

Intended for productive digging in compact materials like loose or blasted rock, hard packed clay and stone.
EC140–EC700 / EW140–EW230

Volvo Teeth and adapters

Volvo Excavator Attachment, volvo teeth and adapters

Volvo Construction Equipment propose a wide range of Teeth and adapters for fewer worries and higher profitability.

Whether you rent, lease or purchase, Volvo Attachments for excavators are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how Volvo Excavator Attachments can improve your efficiency.