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Volvo excavator (hydraulic excavator) hard at work in extraction, loading and more

Excavators from Volvo: We have the right machine for your job

Volvo excavators are ready to help you dig and reach new levels of excavating equipment efficiency. It’s hydraulic excavator performance you can depend on for quarrying, mining, road building, civil engineering, general construction and more. Choose your bucket or a range of other Volvo attachments and go to work.
Each crawler excavator model is designed and built to deliver long-lasting performance, powerful strength and leading fuel efficiency. Dig further with Volvo hydraulic excavator

Top features for the range of Volvo crawler excavators includes:

  • Dependable Volvo engine delivers high torque at low revs for class-leading fuel economy.
  • Volvo Care Cab offers a spacious workspace with all-around visibility provides the safety and comfort and increase productivity.
  • Smooth movements and high controllability through the smart, responsive hydraulic system with priority functions.
  • Easy-access serviceability from grouped filters and wide compartment doors for greater safety and more uptime.
  • CareTrack telematics as standard equipment*, helps you save fuel, reduce costs and maximise profitability.

Buy the new and used heavy equipment you need from your local Volvo Construction Equipment dealer.
Select a Volvo excavator for more information on features, specifications, brochures and more:

Model Operating weight Net horse power Bucket capacity
EC140D 28,370-33,400 lb 113 hp 0.27-0.95 yd3
EC140E 28,880-35,620 lb 119 hp 0.43-1.32 yd3
ECR145D, ECR235D 31,640-60,980 lb 172 hp 0.52-1.18 yd3
ECR145E, ECR235E 31,770-61,440 lb 119-172 hp 0.33-1.88 yd3
EC160D 36,400-43,720 lb 139 hp 0.33-1.31 yd3
EC160E 36,266-45,592 lb  146 hp  0.39-1.26 yd3 
EC220D 46,230-54,190 lb 172 hp 0.68-2.75 yd3
EC220E 45,350-55,360 lb 172 hp 0.63-1.88 yd3
EC250D 54,230-61,730 lb 202 hp 0.63-2.42 yd3
EC250E, EC300E 56,430-72,260 lb  213-241 hp  0.7-2.0 yd3 
EC300D 66,140-73,630 lb 227 hp 0.68-2.64 yd3
ECR305C 74,230-82,320 lb 194 hp 1.70-2.55 yd3
EC340D 75,000-81,400 lb 279 hp 1.77-3.92 yd3
EC350E 78,940-92,760 lb 302 hp 1.1-2.5 yd3
EC380E 80,640-96,320 lb  302 hp 1.09-3.31 yd3
EC480D 105,600-111,300 lb 329 hp 2.31-4.97 yd3
EC480E 100,310-117,510 lb 376 hp 1.5-3.5 yd3
EC700C 152,150-158,070 lb 424 hp 3.17-8.63 yd3