EC140D : Features & Benefits - G.W. Van Keppel

Volvo EC140D excavator: All-day comfort and productivity are yours.

The Volvo EC140D excavator delivers the productivity and profitability you demand when working in extreme conditions. These diggers feature hydraulic excavator performance ideal for heavy-duty applications, including earth moving, excavation work, road building, truck loading and trenching.

The Volvo EC140D hydraulic excavators are also built for all-day comfort and ease of serviceability, which leads to greater uptime.

Top features of the Volvo EC140D excavator include:

Leading fuel efficiency and low-emission environmental care

Volvo EC140D excavator (hydraulic excavator) offer leading fuel efficiency and low emissions
Leading fuel efficiency and low-emission environmental care delivered by the powerful Volvo D4 Tier 4 Interim engine and well-matched components.

Spacious Volvo Care Cab

Volvo EC140D excavator (hydraulic excavator) feature the spacious and safe Volvo Care Cab
Spacious Volvo Care Cab increases productivity through all-around visibility, with reduced whole body vibration and ample leg room.

Highly-responsive controllability

Volvo EC140D excavator (hydraulic excavator) are highly responsive with great control and smooth hydraulics
Highly-responsive controllability from a smart hydraulic system enables smooth movements and priority functions.

Excellent serviceability

Volvo EC140D excavator (hydraulic excavator) offer excellent serviceability from grouped filters and easy access

Excellent serviceability from grouped filters and easy-to-access compartments allows for quick checks and more uptime

CareTrack telematics

Volvo EC140D excavator (hydraulic excavator) include CareTrack telematics to track your efficiency
CareTrack telematics, included as standard equipment, helps you save fuel, reduce costs and maximize profitability.

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, the Volvo excavator is ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.