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Volvo Compact excavators - Introduction

Volvo Compact Excavators: The multi-purpose tool

When productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are critical on the jobsite, look no further than Volvo compact excavators. With high-level technology delivering outstanding performance in a small package, we’ve raised the bar for compact excavators .

Every machine comes with productivity features you’d expect to find in a full-size excavators. The result is the power, performance and productivity it takes to reap greater profits.

How do Volvo compact excavators deliver big performance?
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  • Large operator’s station with plenty of head and leg room, well-placed controls and fully-adjustable seat
  • Available in conventional or short swing radius models
  • Variable width undercarriage for access to tight job sites and increased stability (on select models)
  • Wide variety of attachments for virtually unlimited versatility
  • Dual speeds for pushing power and high travel speed (up to 18.6 mph on select models)
  • Multiple safety features including safety-certified cab and canopy units
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Model Operating weight Gross horse power Breakout force
EC20C 4,079 - 4,277 lbs 16.8 hp 4,159 lbf
EC20D 4,128 - 4,300 lbs 16.1 hp 4,107 lbf
EC35C 7,561 - 7,848 lbs 36.3 hp 6,955 lbf
EC55C 12,566 lbs 48.5 hp 9,302 lbf
ECR25D 5291.1 - 5489.5 lb  20.9 hp 4,554 lbf
ECR38 7,355 - 7,495 lbs 27.4 hp 6,474 lbf
ECR58D, ECR88D 12 550 - 20 950 lb 49 - 58 hp 8 950 - 12 770 lb
EC60E 12,700 lb 59 hp 9,720 lb