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Volvo Tier 4 Final D8 - Smart technology.

The new D8 engine from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) meets the Tier 4 Final emissions legislation, improves fuel efficiency by up to 5% and reduces overall running costs. The premium Volvo D8 engine delivers high torque at low rpm for superior performance and low fuel consumption.

The Volvo D8 Tier 4 Final engines incorporate selective catalytic reduction (SCR) plus DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) technology to meet the new emissions regulations. SCR uses an injection of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) into the exhaust gas flow to create ammonia (NH3). The NOX and NH3 mixture gas pass through the SCR Catalyst where they react to form Nitrogen (N2) and Water vapour (H2O) to reduce emissions to a minimum. The ammonia slip catalyst, which is the last stage in the NOX reduction, oxidizes the excessive NH3 into N2 and H2O.

Volvo Trucks has used SCR since 2005 and Volvo CE has capitalized on the vast experience within the Volvo Group and the millions of hours of real-world testing to which he technology has already been subjected.

The Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology has been redesigned to incorporate an air intake throttle and specially coated DOC and DPF to achieve passive regeneration, which takes place regularly at low exhaust temperatures to oxidize particulate matter. Additionally, every 500 hours, particulate matter is incinerated at high temperatures via reset regeneration.

The Volvo D8 engine has been comprehensively tested and validated in both bench and multi-application field testing to ensure maximum performance, productivity and durability.

Top features of D8 engine include:

Application knowledge

Volvo engineers have the expertise to optimize the engine and machine for all applications the equipment operates in
Volvo Construction Equipment engineers are experts at optimizing the integration of the engine and the machine – both are developed by Volvo and perfectly matched to all the applications the equipment operates in.

Volvo design

Volvo design, make and service both the Tier 4 Final engine and machine
Volvo is one of the few manufacturers that design, make and service both engine and machine – providing customers with exceptional quality, optimized performance and maximum efficiency.

DPF exchange services

Volvo Reman Exchange Services offer a cost and time effective cleaning of your Diesel Particulate Filters
Volvo dealers offer an established Volvo Reman service exchange program which provides the most cost and time effective solution for DPF cleaning.

DEF management

Volvo recommended DEF solution is the best choice for your Tier 4 Final engine
The Volvo recommended DEF solution is quality assured – ensuring components are protected, fuel efficiency is optimized and emissions are minimized.

Find out how our Tier 4 Final engines can improve your efficiency: