High reach demolition : introduction - G.W. Van Keppel
Volvo High Reach Demolition machinery offer you the ultimate solution

High Reach Demolition Equipment

Reach, power and control.
The deconstruction of buildings, bridges and other structures is tough work. Winning at demolition demands extreme-duty equipment and performance attachments.

Primary demolition is all about reach, power and control. Volvo's line of Ultra High Reach (HR) Excavators have booms from 21-32 meters, demolition guarding, high-visibility cabs and smooth, confident hydraulics. Equipped with attachments from 2 to 3.5 tons, they cut demolition challenges down to size.

With their innovative design, enabling an easy change from Ultra High Reach boom and arm to a standard excavator configuration or a straight boom, these machines will stay busy even when you don't have high-reach projects.

Select a Volvo High Reach Demolition Excavator model to find out more:

Model Operating weight Max. pin height
EC380D HR, EC480D HR, EC700C HR 135,055 lb (61,260 Kg) 89'9'' ft (27,355 mm)
EC380E HR, EC480E HR 11 3410 - 14 1140 lb (51 440 - 64 020 kg) 75'8" - 92'4" ft in (23 060 - 28 140 mm)