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Volvo DD29 Small asphalt - Features & benefits

Volvo asphalt compactor DD29: The leader in performance, durability and safety

The Volvo DD29 compactor delivers stellar performance and unsurpassed value. Built for comfort and safety as well, this double-drum compactor offers a competitive advantage in hot mix asphalt, soil sub-base, aggregate-base, and numerous other applications.

Top features of the Volvo DD29 asphalt compactor include:

  • Tier 4A engine

  • 66,7 Hz (4,000 vpm) frequency provides optimal impact spacing at higher rolling speeds

  • 299 l (79 gal) water tank, full-day fuel capacity extend operating intervals

  • Standard pressurized spray system distributes water coverage evenly across each drum
  • High curb and low side clearances allow efficient maneuvering around jobsite obstacles

  • Operator can choose front-drum vibration only, double-drum vibration, or static mode

  • Machined drum surface has chamfered edges to produce a professional quality finish on each job
  • Isolation of the vibratory drum and operator platform enhances operator comfort and safety

  • Unobstructed daily checkpoints