PT125 : Features & benefits - G.W. Van Keppel
Volvo PT125 Large asphalt

Volvo PT125: The compactor for your kneading requirements

The Volvo PT125 pneumatic tire compactor typically is ideal on hot mix asphalt and chip-seal applications.

Top features of the Volvo PT125 asphalt compactor include:

  • Tier 3 engine
  • Hydrostatic propulsion system
  • 379 l pressurized water system utilizing an electric diaphragm pump
  • Engine air precleaner
  • Four front and five rear 190,5 mm x 381 mm, 14-ply tires overlap each other for consistent texture and appearance.
  • Front tire pairs oscillate +/- 3° for uniform compaction, even on irregular surfaces
  • Gauges for fuel level, voltmeter, hydraulic oil temperature, engine coolant temperature, engine oil pressure, air filter restriction
  • Lay-down ROPS for transport