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Volvo DD70HF Large asphalt - Features & benefits

Volvo asphalt compactor DD70HF: The highly visible, high performer

The Volvo DD70HF double-drum compactor is excellent on roadways and other medium-sized paving jobs. It is easy to operate, offers adjustable vibration on / off speed settings, an ergonomic console and the most reliable water spray system in the industry.

Top features of the Volvo DD70HF asphalt compactor include:

  • Turbocharged engine
  • Eight amplitude settings achieve required compaction throughout deep lifts and / or stiffer mix designs
  • Eccentric rotation automatically matches direction of travel, improving smoothness
  • Five-position rotating operator's station with an adjustable seat provides a smooth ride and comfortable operating environment
  • Patented Impact Spacing Meter provides a visual reference for speed control to maintain proper impact spacing, resulting in consistent smoothness
  • Two complete independent water systems include triple water filtration, four water pumps, four spray bars and variable waterflow
  • Exclusive machined drums with chamfered, radiused drum edges minimize drum edge marking and facilitate finish rolling
  • High-frequency vibration system offers faster rolling speeds for increased production while maintaining proper drum impact spacing