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Choose an Articulated Truck to meet your needs

Volvo Articulated Dump Trucks

The E-series Volvo Articulated Truck is the perfect machine for a wide range of tasks. No matter your application, we’ve got a world class articulated truck to meet the challenges of a job done right. An effective worksite is a profitable worksite, and the Volvo articulated truck makes the grade. With this line of haulers, Volvo extends the boundaries for efficiency, safety, and operator environment, making the cycle extremely efficient and giving you the ability to haul more, faster, at the lowest possible cost.

A25E– The smallest articulated truck in the range, the A25E is built for high demands. When you need to work in confined spaces, the A25E offers unique power and maneuverability – able to take on sites impossible for most vehicles.

A30E – With a combination of versatility and capacity, the A30E articulated truck excels with a wide range of tasks on the most demanding hauling applications in any ground conditions. The self-compensating hydro-mechanical steering means total precision at high speeds. Productivity without the loss of safety is an advantage no other hauler can match, at the lowest cost per ton.

A35E – Called the “workhorse,” the A35E articulated truck is a powerful machine built to meet extreme conditions profitably. With the latest version of the 12 liter turbo charged engine, plus an improved Volvo drive train with high torque, long service life, and low fuel consumption.  Easy to load using any loading equipment, the HB400 steel body can withstand years of impact loading. Boost your business quickly, smoothly, and profitably with the A35E.

A40E – A fine-tuned power package, the A40E articulated truck is built for maximum productivity in the toughest applications in the most demanding environments. With a turbo-charged 16 liter engine, this machine lends serious muscle to the 40 ton class. Developed to haul more material with less fuel, the A40E is good for the environment, and your profitability. The enhanced drive train is now matched with the tried and tested Volvo transmission built to take advantage of the high power and torque.  With the higher load capacity, you can now haul 31.4 cubic yards or 24 cubic meters with a payload of 49 tons or 43 short tons.

A35 EFS, A40 EFS– Full speed ahead.  The A35EFS and A40EFS articulated trucks results in minimal bounce or shaking, whether loaded or empty. The full suspension provides the fastest alternative from loading to dumping, as the tractor and trailer are automatically leveled and stabilized by the hydraulic suspension. The world class cab environment ensures the operator can stay focused on the job, increasing safety and productivity even on long shifts. The Contronics system means the vital functions of the machine are easily monitored. With high serviceability, you’ll enjoy long intervals between service checks and ease of access to minimize service time.

For more information about the Volvo E-series articulated trucks, download the Volvo Articulated Hauler Family Brochure.