Volvo Tooth System : Introduction - G.W. Van Keppel
Volvo Tooth System Introduction

The Powerful Tooth System from Volvo

Volvo Tooth System gives you optimized long change intervals, high productivity and profitability.

We offer specialized patented teeth and adapters for all types of applications. High quality parts that lower your total cost of ownership and maximize the performance of your machine. 

The Tooth System is a result of our relentless commitment to innovation and development. Our teeth have undergone extensive field testing in various types of materials and applications to analyze and ensure high quality and good characteristics.

Why use Volvo Tooth System? 

Easy to fit

The vertical locking device makes mounting and removing from an excavator or wheel loader fast and easy. The bucket tooth system is completely integrated in the adapter body for protection and longer service life. 

Volvo teeth withstand high stress levels

A perfect fit between the tooth and adapter, together with large stabilizing surfaces, provides a very strong unit to withstand high levels of force and stress.


The self-sharpening design and strategically placed wear material give maximum wear life, with maintained performance.

Resistant to forces

The edge of the adapters and bucket teeth have an acute angle that gives perfect resistance to frontal forces.

Please contact your Volvo dealer to learn more about Volvo Tooth System and how to maximize the performance of your Volvo construction equipment.