Expander bolts : Introduction - G.W. Van Keppel
Volvo Expander bolts - Introduction

Volvo Expander bolts – the permanent quick fix

 The Volvo expander bolts concept is as smart as it is simple.

The perfect solution when wear in your construction machine causes play in the attaching points and the holes are worn.

Two expanding sleeves fill the gap and connect the attaching eyes. Fast, economic and long-lasting.

This is why expander bolts are installed as standard on some machines from Volvo Construction Equipment.

There are numerous advantages of using Volvo expander bolts:

  • Fast and easy installation, often directly on site
  • No reconditioning or machine reworking needed
  • Reduces repair and downtime costs
  • Provides a permanent solution
  • Available for a wide range of products from Volvo Construction Equipment

Please contact your Volvo dealer to discuss how Volvo Expander Bolts can be used in the maintenance of your machine.