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CareTrack: Fleet management made easy

CareTrack is the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system that gives you access to a wide range of machine monitoring information designed to save you time and money. 

CareTrack generates a wide range of reports – including fuel consumption, operational hours and geographical location – via a web portal, as well as sending SMS/email alerts. 

Fleet managers can use CareTrack to proactively manage their wear parts and their service maintenance.  The benefits include a reduction in fuel costs, optimized machine and operator performance, and increased uptime.

Stay connected to your machines via remote monitoring and experience new levels of control and efficiency with CareTrack.

Top features of CareTrack include:

Save time

CareTrack Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system saves time by planning service and maintenance in advance

Increase uptime by planning service and maintenance requirements in advance, avoiding potential problems. Dealers can even troubleshoot faults remotely – minimizing your down time.

Save money

CareTrack Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system gives operational reports that help you save money

Operation reports allow you to monitor idle time – information that gives you the power to reduce fuel consumption, non-productive machine hours and service costs.

Infinite opportunities

CareTrack Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system gives access to a wealth of information

From fuel consumption data to location and machine usage reports, CareTrack gives you access to a wealth of information – allowing you to get the most out of your machine.

CareTrack standard

Access machine hours and location, manage machine service plans and wear parts via the web portal and see all your machines on one map.

Tracking and status

Geo and time fencing can notify you if a machine goes outside pre-set location and time boundaries. A status report provides access to fuel level, machine location and machine hours.


Optimize your fleet and maximize productivity with daily hours/event reports, Utilization reports, and machine-specific reports that are unique to certain product lines. Compare how machines are being used and plan service checks.


Articulated haulers fitted with On Board Weighing technology show the machine’s true productivity in tons per gallon of fuel consumed. Data can be used to support operator training, reduce fuel consumption and improve component life.


Crawler excavators can be fitted with an anti-theft tracking system. Receive email/SMS alerts when a trigger is activated and immobilize/remobilize the machine via the web portal.


Will you be operating your machines in remote areas where there are no cell towers?  Opt for the Communication package and fit your machines with a satellite modem that allows data reporting even in secluded areas.

API (Application Programming Interface)

API enables CareTrack data to be delivered to your own management system.
Two options are available depending on the level of information required.

Availability of the packages mentioned above may vary from one country to another. Your Volvo dealer will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

Find out how CareTrack can improve your efficiency: