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Volvo Financing - Taxadvantages

Advantages in black and white

Once you run Volvo Construction Equipment you'll be aware of the advantages it gives you on soil, mud, concrete and snow.  But you'll also be able to see huge benefits on paper.  Loans and leases offer tax advantages that can benefit your operation in a multitude of ways.

Consider these advantages*:

  • Leasing has possible tax advantages of deducting payments as a business expense
  • In many areas of the United States, you only pay "use tax" on your monthly lease payment, not sales tax on the full purchase price
  • Exercising the purchase option at the end of the term defers the sales tax for many years
  • Treat your machine finance program as an on-balance sheet or an off-balance sheet item, whichever works to your advantage
  • Interest and depreciation are expensed on your profit and loss statement

* Many tax laws vary from country to country.  Please consult your tax advisor to discover the tax advantages available to you in your area. 

To find out more about tax advantages or if you have any questions, contact your local dealer today.