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Loans you can live with

If after consulting with Volvo Financial Services you agree that a loan is the financial solution for your construction equipment needs, you’ve got more great options to get you working.

We offer numerous loan options, including credit sales contracts and dept financing loans.  All loans are designed to work with your financing needs and resources.  Whether your loan financing needs are short term (24 months) or long term (60 months), Volvo Financial Services will work with you to find the best plan for you and your operation.  

In addition, we know that the construction industry can be cyclical, with peaks and valleys in your profitability.  That’s why we accommodate:

  • Accelerated payments that start with a smaller down payment upfront followed by larger payments in ensuing months to build up equity.
  • Skip or Token payments allow you to skip scheduled payments during cycles of decreased business activity by carrying over equity built up during your busy season.
  • Balloon payments calls for you to make a large, lump-sum payment scheduled at the end of a series of considerably smaller monthly or periodic payments.

In addition, our Retail Finance Program features all the same great benefits of Volvo Financial Service’s loan products, with the additional benefit of a lower rate structure supported by Volvo Construction Equipment.  Terms are from 12 to 60 months and can also accommodate alternate payment schedules to meet your cash flow needs.

Use our Payment Estimator to easily calculate your estimated monthly payment.

For more information about Volvo loans, contact your local dealer today.