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Blaw Knox tracked pavers Blaw Knox wheeled pavers Blaw Knox screeds ABG tracked pavers ABG screeds-manual ABG screeds-variomatic

Volvo Asphalt Pavers: Lower Operating Costs, Higher Productivity.

Asphalt Paving Standards Begin Here.
Volvo paving equipment has a double advantage: over 75 years of proven Blaw-Knox and ABG paving technology, plus the innovative engineering, safety and global support Volvo is known for.

Other manufacturers promote new features and designs that have been the standard for years on Volvo asphalt pavers.

From our new highway-class asphalt pavers to our family of mid-sized asphalt paving equipment, each model assures you of high-performance features that reduce maintenance, lower operating costs and boost productivity.

Volvo asphalt pavers also offer the widest selection of paver screeds, each one unmatched for durability and performance.

The Name to Trust in Asphalt Pavers.
To see what the industry standard will be tomorrow; put Volvo asphalt pavers in your fleet. We offer first-class paving equipment backed by first-class dealer support, and we never stop working to earn your trust.