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Value in an Articulated Truck

Do more with less. Volvo F-Series Articulated Trucks help you haul larger loads, consume less fuel, spend less time on maintenance and enjoy precision dumping. Supreme operating efficiency reduces cycle times and increases common value to enhance your bottom line.

With industry-leading fuel efficiency, Volvo haulers have the lowest fuel consumption per hauled ton.  The Volvo low-emission, high-performance engine is high on power and torque, even at low rpm.  Save time and fuel with load-sensing dumping hydraulics, a fully automatic transmission, floor-mounted variable retarder and a three-point suspension that moves over the roughest of terrain with ease.  Volvo Articulated Trucks offer the ultimate in efficiency, so you can get the most productivity and profitability.

Fuel consumption
A high performance, fuel efficient Volvo engine, automatic traction control and load-sensing hydraulics system combines for 10-20 percent lower fuel consumption than competitors depending on applications.  The real power of the Volvo is fuel efficiency - combining this low fuel consumption with high productivity to gain this competitive advantage and benefit your bottom line.

Long service life
Extended service intervals mean less down time. Level checks on the Contronic instrument panel, plus a few easily accessed service points, yields 50% reduction in down time. "Normal" service is not required as Volvo F-series articulated trucks need no daily or weekly service.