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Articulated Truck Serviceability

Articulated Truck Serviceability

Minimize service and reduce service down time with the exceptional features of a Volvo articulated truck. No daily or weekly service is required and the hauler's preventative maintenance systems protect the machine's value while increasing production.

The Contronic System protects the machine by monitoring oil and fluid levels, and manual level checks are not needed, as operators find it easy to navigate functions.

The Volvo F-series Articulated Truck features an advanced type of maintenance free bearings. No daily (10 hour) or weekly (50 hour) service is needed, and greasing is needed only every 250 hours. As a result, servicing downtime is reduced more than 50 percent.

Of course, the F-Series also offers unmatched access and ease of service when it's needed. Lockable, easy swing-down steps provide easy access to the grouped filter units for quick replacement, with remote mounted drains to reduce service time. The hood raises to 90 degrees by a hydraulic system with an electric or manual pump, allowing easy access to the engine compartment.  Plus, no panels or hoods need to be moved for easy access to the oil drain.

Thanks to initial quality designs, the Volvo F-Series ensures high reliability, a long service life, and low repair costs.