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Articulated trucks that performs

An articulated truck that performs

Volvo invites you to come along on a world class ride with the development leader in articulated haulers. Join us as we extend the boundaries for efficiency, safety, and operator environment. If you want to increase your cycle efficiency to the extreme, and have the ability to haul more, faster, at the lowest possible cost, let us put you in the driver's seat.

Unique Maneuverability
Bad weather and adverse condition can make roads at sites impossible to take on for most conventional vehicles, putting operators in the position of going the long way around or risk getting stuck, either way resulting in lost time.

But the Volvo articulated truck isn't conventional. The high rotating hitch and articulated steering ensure the tractor and trailer move independently of one another. No matter the conditions, the F-series delivers a smooth, safe ride, making possible to take the shortest route between the loading and dumping sites.

Plus, the A35F & A40F offers an unrivaled full suspension system, providing the fastest alternative when loading or dumping on challenging haul roads. At full speed, the system has automatic leveling, stabilizing tractor and trailer to minimize bounce or shaking.

The Volvo articulated truck is built to adapt to every hauling application at crushing plants, development projects, road construction, mining and landfills. Contractors who value effective, profitable hauling regardless of ground conditions appreciate the perfect combination of versatility and capacity offered by this machine.

Self-compensating, hydro-mechanical steering gives the F-series an automotive type of feel, ensuring minimal effort is required to keep the truck on the transport road in rapidly changing inclement weather conditions. With total precision in every situation, the articulated hauler is stable at high speeds, and a powerful work horse off-road and in extreme conditions.

An effective worksite is a profitable worksite. Keeping a high pace through the work cycle with total control promotes productivity.  The F-series Articulated Hauler offers high durability and effective hauling at the lowest cost per ton.

Choosing a Volvo Articulated Truck gives both a machine and a partner you can trust.  Constructed of HB400 steel, the hauler's body has the strength to withstand years of impact loading.  It's easy to load using any loading equipment, and Volvo ingenuity allows maximum power and control when dumping by the simple push of a button. A user-friendly load and dump brake shifts the transmission to neutral and activates the rear service brakes, allowing faster dump cycles and effectively shortening cycle times. The hauler's effective dumping system - including a long-tailed chute and high tipping joint - makes it possible to place the load in exactly the right position, even on downhill grades, into a hopper, or over an edge.

The transmission shifts fast, smooth and at exactly the right time for maximum rim pull at all speeds. The brake retarder allows higher average speeds throughout the cycle due to its fast response and high continuous availability. Wet or dry disc brakes operate via a unique system on two separate circuits for maximum safety, excellent and maintenance free braking performance at all times.

The F-series articulated hauler constitutes a finely tuned power package built to maximize productivity in the toughest applications and the most demanding environments. The turbo-charged engine lends serious muscle to any task, hauling more material with every drop of fuel. Meanwhile, its advanced combustion technology meets or exceeds environmental standards.

The articulated hauler offers higher load capacity, as much as 31.4 cubic yards / 43 tons (24 cubic meters / 39 tonnes).

The Volvo Advantage
The heart of this high performance machine is pure Volvo: the engine, drive train, and transmission are Volvo built and designed, down to the smallest detail. Each part is designed to work in perfect harmony, resulting in optimum performance.

The high performance engine has been matched with the tried and tested Volvo transmission, built to take full advantage of the higher power and torque. Other parts of the drive train such as the drop box and axles have been upgraded to meet the new specifications, as well. Hauling has never been more comfortable or efficient.

A World Class Operator Environment
As the industry leader in operator environment, Volvo knows that a healthy, comfortable operator is a safe, effective member of the team. The goal of maximum productivity requires the operator focus on the job, even on long shifts.

Thanks to the Contronics system, the operator has control over the vital functions of the machine, monitoring oil checks and fluid levels. With ease of access to service points, and longer intervals between every service, service time is minimized. Enhanced serviceability means more time on the job and increased productivity.