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Volvo Tracked Forestry Carriers

Tracked Forestry Carriers

With the introduction of the Volvo C-Series FC Family tracked forestry carriers, higher standards of value and excellence have been set. These new forestry carriers are designed and built to the exact standards that Volvo customers around the globe have come to expect and rely on.

Key features include, for example:

  • New Volvo Tier III compliant engine with V-ACT (Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology) offering high torque at low revs, leading to ultra-efficient fuel consumption
  • Purpose-built, high-walker undercarriage with full length track guard, idler reinforcement and heavy duty track motor covers
  • Heavy duty forestry boom and arm with heavy duty hydraulic cylinder and work light guarding
  • Forestry dedicated, heavy duty guards and covers to protect the superstructure
  • Volvo Custom Care Cab with heavy duty forestry guarding meeting global safety standards

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Customer Spotlight
"We are currently operating 10 forest machines, including our three Volvos. Quite frankly, the Volvos give us the best bang for the buck. We've had very little downtime, and as far as productivity and fuel efficiency goes, they are at the head of the class."

"We keep a very close record of our fuel consumption and in any given shift each Volvo uses 25 to 30 fewer liters (6.5 to 8 gallons) of fuel than our comparable machines."

Mitch Smith
MiBar Logging Ltd.
Enderby, BC, Canada


"This is the greatest machine I've ever operated . . . I've run excavators from every major and minor manufacturer, and I just love this Volvo. It's fast, powerful, stable and easy to maintain. It's the best."

Austin O'Brien,
MiBar Logging Ltd.
Enderby, BC, Canada

Model Max. power (net) Operating weight excluding attachment Max. reach excluding attachment
FC2421C 147 hp (110 kW) 56,470 - 59,850 lb (25,610 - 27,145 kg) 27' 9'' (8460 mm)
FC2924C 168 hp (125 kW) 69,370 - 73,170 lb (31,459 - 33,185 kg) 28' 7'' (8720 mm)
FC3329C 192 hp (143 kW) 78,020 - 80,810 lb (35,385 - 36,650 kg) 29' 10'' (9090 mm)