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A new lease on flexibility

There are advantages and disadvantages to all financing options. For some, leasing their construction equipment makes the most sense.  Consider the upside to leasing:

  • Leasing allows you to keep your machine fleet flexible.  When your work changes, your machines can too
  • Leasing provides a planned schedule for equipment replacement, helping you run newer, up-to-date equipment so you’ll have less downtime
  • Leasing generally requires smaller amounts of money up front and monthly lease payments are generally lower than installment payments
  • Leasing doesn’t lock you into a long-term commitment to purchase
  • Leasing frees up cash and increases the liquidity of your assets

Volvo Financial Services offers two lease options, both of which provide you the flexibility of purchasing the machine should you decide that is right for you.

Volvo Special Lease Program
The Volvo Special Lease Program paves your way to a fixed term Fair Market Value (FMV) lease while providing flexible end-of-term options:

  1. Return the machine at lease maturity and walk away from the machine (after meeting the contracted turn-in conditions)
  2. Purchase the machine at fair market value; value to be determined at lease end

Fixed Purchase Option
The Fixed Purchase Option Lease gives you a straightforward choice and flexibility when contemplating post-lease machine purchase:

  1. You may purchase the leased machine at the end of the lease term for a stated residual value that is disclosed to you at the beginning of the lease
  2. You can return the machine at the end of the lease and walk away from the machine (after meeting the contracted turn-in conditions)

Use our Payment Estimator to easily calculate your estimated monthly payment.

To see if leasing is right for your operation, contact your local dealer today.