Introduction - V-ACT : V-Performance Mongolia
Volvo VACT - introduction

Volvo advanced combustion technology - V-ACT

Volvo is taking another major step to optimize combustion efficiency and reduce emissions with-out any dramatic changes to the basic engine and its ancillaries. The new generation of Volvo diesel engines, featuring Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology, V-ACT, is tailored for use in demanding off-road applications and designed to meet the specific needs of each Volvo machine.

Volvo diesel engines with V-ACT provide the combined
virtues of excellent engine performance and Tier 3/Stage IIIA-compliant emission levels. All this is achieved in an uncomplicated manner without the need for additional equipment or after-treatment of the exhaust gases.

For more information about Volvo's new V-ACT technology, download the V-ACT brochure or visit the V-ACT website.

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