Volvo Construction Equipment stands for expert knowledge at bauma 2013 - Press releases : V-Performance Mongolia

Volvo Construction Equipment stands for expert knowledge at bauma 2013

Customer solutions

Volvo Construction Equipment is well known for its machines and their safety, quality and care for the environment – not to mention technology and award-winning design. But beyond the machines, there’s a wide range of products and services available that support the complete ownership experience – solutions that benefit machine owners for years following the initial purchase. From rock to road, Volvo provides a total solution that caters for every aspect of a machine’s productive life – from purchase financing, through a machine’s lifecycle, until its eventual refurbishment or disposal. 


There for you every step of the way

Everyone behind Volvo’s products and services is highly trained – from the salespeople in our dealerships to service technicians in the field – and they will take the spotlight at bauma 2013. Volvo experts will take center stage and answer questions about how Volvo can support customers to help maximize their business’s profitability throughout the complete machine lifecycle.


Volvo Customer Support Agreements – Volvo CE dealers can offer customers agreements that are optimized to tune service levels to specific time periods or conditions such as machine mix, age, application, or even the degree to which a customer self-services a fleet. Customer support agreements bundle important aftermarket products and services such as Volvo-trained service technicians, Genuine Volvo Parts, maintenance and repairs into one package – ensuring optimum uptime, increased performance, higher productivity and better cost control.


Genuine Volvo Parts and Volvo Attachments – Volvo will present an expanded range of attachments at Bauma: tools that reflect the Volvo brand in terms of quality. All Genuine Volvo Parts are designed along with the machines to perfectly complement equipment performance. The comprehensive range includes kit solutions, remanufactured parts or application-specific solutions like attachments and ground engaging tools. And customer support, warranty parts and service support are all available through Volvo.


Volvo service technicians – Service once meant responding quickly to a machine breakdown, but now preempting and preventing breakdowns through advance warning has become even more important. Frontline Volvo support is a prime reason customers remain dedicated to Volvo.


CareTrack – Most new larger machines come with three years of free activation of the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system, CareTrack, which provides customers with a solution that facilitates monitoring of machine health, fuel consumption and activity. CareTrack is available in most regions and will continue to expand to new markets. Speak to our trained dealers on the stand about how to interpret the valuable data that helps owners maximize productivity and efficiency.


MATRIS analysis – Volvo dealers can provide expert analysis of machine operating activity via this tool. MATRIS analysis supports optimized operation by tracking activity characteristics and identifying opportunities for improvement – resulting in better economy and reduced wear.


Oil analysis – A service to help customers plan maintenance as well as reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. Volvo-trained service technicians can give machines a thorough ‘health check-up’ by analyzing samples of oils in the engine, transmission, hydraulic system, axles and brakes as well as coolant and fuel quickly and efficiently through the Volvo laboratory. 


April 2013 

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