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Volvo Factory remanufactured components - reman process

Remanufactured components increase your machine value

A factory remanufactured genuine component from Volvo Construction Equipment gives you the same performance, service life and warranty as a new one. We don't just restore the component to "like-new" condition. We modify it to the latest version with the technical improvements that have been introduced in production. That's why the value of Volvo Construction Equipment's remanufactured components can only be compared to the price of a new genuine component, never with the costs of a repair or a simpler rebuild.

1. Registration
The incoming component is identified when it is registered. Only complete original components included in the exchange program can be received.

2. Cleaning
To be able to analyse and then restore the component to "like-new" condition, a complete cleaning with special equipment is necessary.

3. Inspection
The component is completely dismantled and thoroughly inspected. The mechanic in charge measures and analyzes the parts and reports which ones need to be replaced.

4. Replacement of worn parts
All parts that are damaged or do not conform to permissible wear tolerances, minimum permissible thicknesses or diameters are discarded and replaced with factory-new genuine parts. Only approved parts are used for remanufacturing.

5. Component parts are cleaned and dried
The most common cause of wear, inferior performance or failure of a poorly reconditioned component is dirt particles. At the cleaning and drying stations in Volvo Construction Equipment's remanufacture, the components are inspected to make sure that all parts have been thoroughly cleaned.

 6. Sub-components are remanufactured and modified to the latest version
Each component is reworked and modified to the latest version with the latest technical improvements introduced in production. Total remanufacturing requires the same know-how, resources and thoroughness as new manufacture.

7. Assembly and testing of the finished unit
The dimensions and tolerances of the factory remanufactured component are checked just as carefully and with the same quality requirements as for a factory-new component.

8. Test protocol
A test protocol is drawn up for each factory remanufactured component, showing that it is approved and meets the quality requirements.

9. Painting
The factory-remanufactured component doesn't just have the same performance as a new component. It is also painted to give it the same finish. The only difference is the price.

10. Quick delivery from warehouse to workshop
The factory remanufactured component is transferred to Volvo's parts warehouse. Thanks to Volvo's effective shipping network, the component can soon be on location in our dealer's workshops.

Volvo Construction Equipment's factory remanufactured components are always remanufactured using genuine parts.