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Reduce Fuel Consumption with Eco Operator training from Volvo

Operator Training from Volvo: reduce fuel consumption, improve efficiency

Volvo Construction Equipment products have a long standing reputation for low fuel consumption and low emissions to minimise the impact on our environment. Your machine operators are key to this process so it's important they know exactly how to get the best from their machine.

Eco Operator Training from Volvo will lower your machine's fuel consumption, reduce your fuel bills and improve operator efficiency without lowering productivity. At the same time this will reduce machine wear and tear and significantly reduce the impact on our environment.

We come to you

Eco Operator training from Volvo is carried out on your site so we minimise the disruption to your production and appraise the overall operations on site in real time.

No risk to you

Our Eco Operator Training package will save you money in reduced fuel consumption and minimise your carbon footprint.

Monitoring your operator's efficiency in terms of fuel consumption takes place at the commencement of the training programme and is measured again during the training. After six weeks a second visit is made and fuel consumption is measured using Volvo's Matris machine tracking and information system.

If no improvement to your machine's fuel consumption with the specific operator can be ascertained over this period we guarantee to refund the training fee.*

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*Subject to course specification