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About Us

Volvo Construction Equipment is one of the world's oldest companies in construction business. It's history began in 1832, then the technical genius Johan Theofon Munktell was commissioned by the city of Eskilstuna to start a mechanical workshop for developing local mechanical industry.

With astounding pioneering spirit and great inventiveness, which still are trademarks of the company - Volvo Construction Equipment has been a driving force in moving development forward throughout all 175 years.

Now Volvo Construction Equipment is a stable international company in the area of producing and selling the construction equipment. Its production takes first place on many world markets.
The wide model line includes backhoe loaders, compact loaders, compact excavators, articulated haulers, wheeled excavators, crawler excavators, wheeled loaders, motor graders, compactors, pavers, milling machines.

Volvo proposes a complex decision of your problems in construction.
LLC Volvo Ukraine is a part of Volvo Group, a group of companies which employs over 100,000 people, has the production facilities in 19 countries and promotes its products in 180 markets. The products of the group include trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine and industrial engines, components for air and space industries and financial services.

Volvo Ukraine was founded in 1996 with a purpose of sales and service of Volvo trucks in Ukrainian market. Starting from 2003 the company began to represent the two business areas of Volvo - Volvo Trucks and Volvo Construction Equipment.

Volvo Construction Equipment in Ukraine:

1998 - Registration of Volvo Ukraine LLC
2003 -The sales and service of construction equipment in Ukraine started
2004 - The first dealership agreement with Yuzhtekhservis, the dealer responsible for south and centre of Ukraine is signed
2004 - The dealership agreement with ETS, the dealer responsible for eastern Ukraine is signed.
2006 - Voltech is appointed to be responsible for the west of Ukraine.
2008 - New Volvo Construction Equipment parts warehouse is opened in Kiev
2008 - Volvo Ukraine takes the responsibility for direct sales in Kyiv and Kyiv region and becomes an importer for the parts and machines in Ukraine