Features & Benefits - P7110 : Transdiesel

Volvo P7110, paver:
Powerful and precise paving.

The Volvo P7110 paver is born from the Blaw-Knox legacy and combines proven technology with innovative engineering to deliver a powerful performance in all paving applications – no matter how challenging.

High tractive power provides excellent traction, allowing you to climb hills and pave curves with ease.

Volvo’s industry-leading screeds ensure consistently smooth, high quality results.

Experience ultimate mat quality and precision with the Volvo P7110 asphalt paver.

Top features of the Volvo P7110 paver include:


Volvo P7110 paver (asphalt paver) excellent visibility for high precision and performance

Benefit from supreme visibility of the entire paving process. Volvo pavers provide unobstructed views of material flow from the delivery vehicle, to the auger channel and end gate.

Control consoles

Volvo P7110 paver (asphalt paver) the control console makes it easy to select and adjust power on the move

The two consoles, located on the left and right side, rotate and tilt to align with the adjustable seats for comfort, enhanced visibility and productive operation.

Volvo’s backlit controls are intuitively grouped by function and are easy to read in all levels of light.

Range of screeds

Volvo P7110 paver (asphalt paver) proven screed performance handles jobs in a wide range of widths

For increased versatility, Volvo offers a range of front and rear mounted screeds designed to give you the best paving quality, uniformity and smoothness.

Tier 4i engine

Volvo P7110 paver (asphalt paver) high performance Volvo engine delivers low fuel consumption

Powerful, fuel efficient Volvo D8 240 horsepower (179 kW) engine features an active-type diesel particulate filter (DPF) to lower emissions. The regeneration process does not interrupt productivity, operation or performance..

Support Network

Volvo P7110 paver (asphalt paver)  customers access to its first-class dealer support network

Volvo offers customers access to its first-class dealer support network. A factory trained technician, in a Volvo dealer service truck, with Genuine Volvo Parts is ready to service your paver at your convenience. Trust Volvo to maintain your uptime

Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, P7110 asphalt paver are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.

Find out how the Volvo P7110 paver can improve your efficiency: