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Volvo MT2000 w/ 2185 mm drum Tracked milling equipment - Features & benefits

Volvo MT2000 w/ 2185 mm drum – Designed with the quality you expect from a Volvo.

Designed for your productivity, safety and serviceability the MT2000 w/ 2185 mm drum milling machine is another reason why you can trust Volvo in all phases of roadway construction and rehibilitation.

Features of the MT2000:

Three distinct cutting speeds: With three distinct cutting speeds, the MT2000 lets you match cutting productivity, fuel consumption, and sound levels to each individual project. Whether you need a deep cut, shallow cut, or something in between, the MT2000 provides maximum horsepower for efficient performance.

Advanced diagnostics and communication: Advanced Volvo technology leads to clearer communication and operator convenience on this machine. For easier diagnostics and troubleshooting, the MT2000 offers multiple diagnostic screens, along with messages displayed in common language instead of codes.

Load control technology: The MT2000 is equipped with load control technology to keep track speed from exceeding the parameters for conveyor capacity and engine speed. The result is improved productivity overall.

Stability control system: For optimal stability, the MT2000 features a dedicated sensor that monitors the cross slope of the machine. If the machine is operating outside the acceptable balanced range, the system adjusts the support legs until the proper balance is achieved.

Walk-in service compartment: The MT2000 features a walk-in service compartment that cuts downtime and adds value to your bottom line. You have the benefit of working in a protected environment, with all key components - the engine, hydraulics, fan, and coolers -within easy reach, reducing time spent on diagnostics and maintenance.