Introduction - Hauler chassis : Volvo Vostok

Volvo dumper: Built for your go-anywhere transport application.

The Volvo Hauler Chassis dumper gives you customized solutions for your transport needs. The Volvo dumper truck  is part of a modular system and forms a platform for superstructures, converting the machine into a special purpose vehicle designed for your specific needs across difficult terrain in the toughest operating conditions. Heavy-duty Volvo frames fit the needs for many superstructures, including pipe hauling, forestry/lumber/timber, oil & gas or water transport, concrete mixer, container hauling, hook-lift systems for hauling, flat platforms and ejector bodies. Top benefits of the Volvo Haulers Chassis dumper include:

Hauler chassis transport solutions

Volvo Haulers Chassis dumper (dumper truck)
Hauler chassis transport solutions are based upon Volvo's proven dumper concept, offering a versatile platform that converts to meet your application needs

Solutions for all superstructures

Volvo Haulers Chassis dumper (dumper truck)
Solutions for all superstructures start with your local Volvo dealer who, together with a vehicle body builder, will meet your custom needs

Web-based body build portal

Volvo Haulers Chassis dumper (dumper truck)
Web-based body build portal provides drawings, specifications and other technical information to support the creation and integration of superstructures.

Bolt-on rear frame extensions

Volvo Haulers Chassis dumper (dumper truck)

Bolt-on rear frame extensions provide even more flexibility, extending the frame up to 1,7 m (67 inches).

Customize optional features to suit your needs

Volvo Haulers Chassis dumper (dumper truck)
Customize optional features to suit your needs, from engine pre-cleaners and auxiliary hydraulics to trailer brake valves and more.

Handle your workload in any application with the Volvo’s versatile Hauler Chassis dumper.

Discover our successful applications and contact your local Volvo dealer to create your own efficient solution.

Find out how the Volvo Transport Solution can meet your needs: