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Volvo PL3005D pipelayer long reach booms get the job done from the pipelayer to the trench

Pipelayers From Volvo: Highly Safe, Highly Versatile

Volvo gives oil & gas pipeline contractors a new lift with a revolutionary line of excavator based pipelayers.  From the pipe yard to the trench, Volvo pipelayers deliver a competitive edge in even the most demanding conditions - not only in the oil & gas industry.

Key innovations for the range of Volvo pipelayers include:

  • 360° swing capability from an excavator-based design delivers greater maneuverability and infinite pipe placement possibilities


  • Superior stability, lifting capacity and tipping capacity allows for safer, easier handling of large, heavy pipes


  • Load Management System monitors slope inclinations in relation to load and boom angles for greater safety
  • Purpose-built pipelayer cab enhances productivity through greater visibility, spaciousness, climate comfort and more


  • Versatile conversion from a pipelayer to an optional excavator digging equipment machine


  • Faster service and more uptime via grouped points and greater access through spacious compartments

Buy the new and used equipment you need from your local Volvo Construction Equipment dealer.

Select a Volvo pipelayer for more information on features, specifications, brochures and more:

Product Net HP Max. tipping capacity Operating weight
PL3005D 227 hp 112,200 lb (51.0 t) 79,818 lb (36,2 t)
PL4611 315 hp 250,000 lb (113 t) 150,000 lb (68 t)
PL4809D 348 hp 225,280 lb (102 t) 131 670 lb (36,2 t)