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Volvo Waste handlers - Introduction

Waste Handlers

Putting waste in its place.
Waste handling presents extreme challenges: dust, corrosion, debris and high temperatures in tight quarters. Knowing these demands Volvo offers the most comprehensive waste handler packages on the market: Be it a landfill, a transfer station or a recycling center, Volvo waste handlers get the job done in a wide range of tough applications - with more uptime, productivity and safety.

Standard features include:

  • Powerful Volvo Tier III engine, offering high torque at low RPM, leading to fuel efficient production with less noise/heat generated
  • Well-spaced cooling layout - maintains high efficiency by eliminating or minimizing overlap of radiator and coolers. The EC330C and EC460C feature dual cooling fans for maximum efficiency in high temperatures
  • Spacious Volvo Care Cab with operator protective structure for increased safety, providing great visibility, comfort and reduced noise and vibration. The cab is pressurized to ensure no debris enters the cab. Along with an industry leading climate control system the operator stays comfortable and productive
  • Protection: heavier under-plating on the superstructure and undercarriage to protect vital components.  Steel protection around underside bolt heads to reduce damage in deep material.
  • Long service intervals and simplified ground level serviceability leading to more uptime

Additional packages are available for waste handling applications:

Landfill package*

Protection and extra filtration are provided to protect the operator and components:

  • Cab Falling Object Guard Structure (FOPS).
  • Engine air intake pre-cleaner - keep the engine and filters cleaner in dusty applications for more uptime and reliability
  • Cab air intake pre-filter - keeps the cab and filter cleaner in dusty applications for increased operator comfort leading to higher productivity

Transfer station package*

Indoors, heat and dust are most demanding.  Added protection and safety increase long-term value:

  • Automatic reversing fan(s) and screened air intakes - increase service-intervals, cooling efficiency and reliability
  • Bolt-on swing ring guard shields the seal, bearing and grease lines from damage, from rebar, wiring etc., for increased reliability
  • Automatic fire suppression system - automtatically or manually activated from the cab or ground level

*Note: Not a complete listing of all available options. To customize a machine for your exact needs, please contact your local dealer.

Model Operating weight Rated engine output, net
EC210CL 46,920-51,200 lb (21.3-23.2 t) 147 hp (110 kW)
EC240CL 55,830-57,750 lb (25.2-26.2 t) 168 hp (125 kW)
EC290CL 64,340-67,210 lb (29.0-30.4 t) 192 hp (143 kW)
EC330CL 78,450-81,590 lb (35.6-37.0 t) 247 hp (184 kW)
EC460CL 100,550-108,090 lb (45.6-49.0 t) 315 hp (235 kW)