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Volvo Highway-Class Pavers

PF7000 Highway-Class Pavers

We're as dedicated to paving as you are
The new highway-class pavers from Volvo have been designed to take you to the next level of paving, with independent auger and conveyor systems, automatic conveyor tensioning, and 360-degree operator visibility for full view of the whole paving operation.

Features like these, borne of the Blaw-Knox legacy, have combined with our never-ending commitment to reliable performance to make Volvo the name to trust in road equipment.

Decades of innovations
For years, these pavers have featured innovations that were ahead of their time but quickly became paving industry standards, including:

    • Fast-attach extensions
    • Extendible tunnels
    • Pneumatic rubber tires
    • Hydrostatic drive
    • Sonic feed controls
    • Off-set bogie wheels
    • Raising hopper
    • Dual operator stations

Unsurpassed operator visibility
Operator seats extend beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility with an unobstructed view of the auger tunnel and hopper. Two consoles allow the paver to be operated from the left or right side of the machine, with paving consoles grouped by function and backlit.

Range of screeds
Volvo offers a range of screeds with front or rear mounted extensions to give you the best paving quality, uniformity and smoothness. Add or remove extensions in minutes with  the paver’s quick coupling system.

Improved material flow control
Four standard ultrasonic sensors automatically regulate the precise delivery and flow of material to match the paver’s speed and ensure smooth paving.

Superior stability
Volvo exclusive load-level steering improves the stability and extends the life of the bogie wheels; optional two- or four-wheel drive versions improve tractive effort and gradeability (P7170). The tracked P7110 model has the highest contact surface area in the paving industry (P7110).

Volvo Tier 4i engine
Powerful, fuel-efficient Volvo D8 235 horsepower (175kW) engine uses a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and an active, semi-automatic regeneration process that does not interrupt productivity, operation or performance.

Environmentally friendly cleaning
An integrated track coating system is standard on all P7000 Series pavers. The environmentally friendly Blaw-Kote coating system can be used on the complete machine and applied to the tracks with the push of a button.

For more information about the Volvo P7000 highway-class pavers, download the Volvo P7110 and P7170 Series paver brochure.

Model Maximum Paving Width Paving Speed Propulsion
P7110 26 ft (7,92 m) 246 ft/min (75 m/min) Tracked    
P7170 26 ft (7,92 m) 297 ft/min (90,5 m/min) Wheeled